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At A.J. Adam Engineering, LLC, we are committed to delivering to our clients the highest quality services that are to be expected.  We offer a wide range of design services pertaining to the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) consulting field.  Below are brief descriptions of these services:

Design of MEP Systems:  We work directly with our clients through the typical design process of the project to ensure full compatibility with an owner’s building requirements.  We start early in the schematic design phase (SD) by listening to the client, and then thoroughly discussing and proposing different design strategies.  We also work with local code officials to investigate any special requirements they may have for the project.  As the design progresses through its design development (DD) stage, we continue optimizing our design strategies to minimize construction cost without sacrificing systems performance and expectations.  We make decisions by fully coordinating with the entire design team and keep the owners informed at all times.  As the design moves from DD to contract documents (CD), we then focus on finalizing the design documents and ensuring that our design is fully coordinated with all design disciplines.  It is here where quality control becomes a priority, and we understand that providing error free design can effectively help the project avoid unforeseen spending of construction funds resulting from undesired change orders.

Sustainable (LEED) Services:  A.J. Adam Engineering, LLC strongly believes in sustainability and the green building movement which is rapidly becoming the constructive path for the future.  In order to optimize the benefit of what LEED can offer to the building industry, we commit ourselves to take a practical approach when proposing to our clients LEED driven MEP systems.  We tend to use the LEED rating system as a design and planning tool and not as an end goal.  In other words, we focus our team synergy on what helps the project from a common sense standpoint keeping in mind sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable resources, etc., and then we work collectively with the client to understand the cost impact of incorporating such systems.  Early on during the design process we identify the cost impact to the client of any LEED design strategies and probe whether or not the project’s available funding can accommodate such strategies.  If not, we then work tirelessly to explore other creative cost effective techniques to help achieve the desired LEED rating for the project without restraining the project construction budget.  Our objective is to point out to the owner that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to obtain sustainable MEP systems. 

Life Cycle Cost Analysis:  In today’s market and the current state of the economy, building owners and developers are becoming increasingly cautious about how their money is being spent on their building investments.  A.J. Adam Engineering, LLC can provide a valuable service in assisting owners with their decision making process to determine the most conscientious economic plan when it comes to incorporating new MEP systems.  We provide this service not only for new buildings but also for existing buildings as well.  For example, if a 30 year old building with central chilled and heating water plants (chillers and boilers) are on the verge of needing a total overhaul and replacement, we can assess the feasibility of replacing the central plant equipment or evaluate other alternatives such as purchasing metered district chilled and heating water from a nearby utility service company.  We can also assist the client with the negotiations with such district utility companies if this becomes an option.  The bottom line is that at A.J. Adam Engineering, LLC we carefully evaluate not only the initial costs of the investment, but we also look at the operating and maintenance costs in terms of labor and materials, the longevity of the system, energy costs, tax credits, the tangible and intangible effects of each option, and help advise the client of the pros and cons of the decisions we have collectively made.

Master Planning:  If you are planning on investing in a large new development, high rise commercial structure, or even a small building and you require assistance with performing master planning for your project, you are assured that you can count on A.J. Adam Engineering, LLC to perform such tasks for you.  Our staff has the collective technical expertise from vast experience with working on several multi-million dollar projects including a handful of projects reaching over a billion dollars in construction costs.  We examine all aspects of the MEP systems during the master planning phase including fire protection systems.  We propose different HVAC systems as they may seem appropriate to the project site.  Also, we evaluate different system design strategies for plumbing and electrical systems.  We conduct early coordination meetings with local utility companies and start gathering facts about the project site such as power availability, water volume and pressure, water hardness, sanitary and storm water infrastructure requirements, etc.  At the end of the master planning effort, the client will have our technical recommendations and a full perspective on what needs to be done for the project from an MEP standpoint before moving forward to the schematic design phase.

Commissioning:  Commissioning has become very popular in recent years, and rightly so because commissioning adds tangible values to your project.  The results of performing commissioning services on your project will pay off not only in the short-term but also in the long-term as well.  When A.J. Adam Engineering, LLC performs commissioning services for your project, we will guarantee that all MEP equipment and systems are performing optimally per the requirements of the project design documents.  If not, we alert the construction team and keep reminding them of their obligation to perform corrective measures based on our documented observations until the systems are fully optimized.  A.J Adam Engineering, LLC offers commissioning services in two ways.  First, we can commission projects acting as a third party commissioning agent as this may pertain to the requirements of LEED, for example.  Second, we can offer commissioning services as part of our construction administration services (CA).  Under this scenario, commissioning becomes an optimized version of CA.  One of the biggest advantages of commissioning is that you can eliminate most installation related malfunctions of the MEP systems prior to buildings occupancy, which ultimately saves everyone a great deal of time and money.

Construction Administration:  We offer construction administration (CA) services along with our design commitment to engineer your project or as a separate and independent third party service.  We can even serve as the overall construction project manager on behalf of the owner for projects that primarily involve MEP work. 

Energy Conservation:  Costs of fossil fuels continue to rise, money is hard to find, but your buildings and manufacturing plants still need to continue to operate.  A.J. Adam Engineering, LLC can help you find multiple ways to save money.  We can evaluate your MEP systems and study your building energy consumption.  We can then perform two actions.  First, we can evaluate how we can make your existing systems operate more efficiently and conserve energy.  Second, we can suggest possible replacement of certain equipment or upgrading particular systems.  Whether you have an office building, school, commercial kitchen, religious institution, health care facility, data center, or any other type of building, we will work hard to find ways to save you money.

Acoustics Studies and Evaluations:  Many building owners spend unnecessary amounts of money on resolving acoustic issues primarily resulting from malfunctioning HVAC equipment or systems.  Rather than fixing the source of the problem, most resolutions involve making the rooms which house the noisy equipment / systems more acoustically retardant by rebuilding heavy acoustical walls, ceilings, doors, etc.  At A.J. Adam Engineering, LLC we offer a free consultation service to come to your site and quickly evaluate the potential causes of acoustical problems.  If the fix requires replacing a simple malfunctioning MEP device, then we will alert you to the problem at the cost of a hand shake and remembering our good service.

QA/QC and Third Party Reviews:  We perform third party quality assurance / quality control reviews for MEP design documents.  It is very valuable to have another set of eyes reviewing another firm’s work just to ensure that the design documents are fully coordinated and that no major issues are overlooked or missed.  Normally such a service is performed at a very affordable fee and with a great positive return to the project.

Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence Assessments:  Before a client decides on replacing existing MEP equipment or systems, we highly recommend performing a feasibility study to provide professional feedback on what precisely needs to be done in order to optimize the operation of the systems.  Many times such studies can result in narrowing down the original assumed scope and help cut down on costs in comparison to what the owner initially thought was required to improve the systems.  We also offer performance of due diligence assessments for existing buildings where a client might be interested in potentially acquiring or leasing them.  We can alert the client of any code violations which may impact the future intended use of the building.  We also provide an assessment of the existing MEP systems including fire protection.  For example, we will note whether the building is sprinklered or not, and if so, we will describe the type of a system and the extent of sprinkler coverage, etc.